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The Rudd Company

The Rudd Company


The Rudd Company, LLC was founded on three basic principles:

  1. Trust. We are given the responsibility of managing our client's wealth and their relationships with family, friends, and advisors. We take this responsibility seriously. Wealth can represent a family's lifelong accumulation goal, the realization of an individual's dream, or the sale of a family business. Whatever the situation, every member of our firm understands that we are in the business of selling trust, not products. Through our firm's candid communication style, transparent fee structure, and custodial culture, we place ourselves at the heart of every family we work for. Without trust, our business is meaningless.
  2. Integrity. Our clients expect a great deal from us, and they are right to do so. Having integrity is much more than being honest and sincere. Most firms have good intentions, but in our experience, they do not invest the time to thoroughly understand the complicated investment options available today. Having integrity also involves knowing your capabilities and limits. Our firm does not have all the answers or a monopoly on all successful investment ideas. Our strengths stem from our unique ability to identify attractive investment opportunities and avoiding speculation. Over the years, we have learned that integrity means doing the hard work once you have made the sales pitch.
  3. Experience. We believe that experience is critical when choosing a Wealth Management Firm. There are many skills and competencies that can only be learned and tested in the fire of experience. Turning over your family's wealth to an insurance company that touts a signing bonus or an investment firm with the lowest fees can be dangerous. If a mistake is made, it could be permanent. The only guarantee in the investment world is that financial markets will continue to present us with new opportunities, obstacles, and challenges. We believe having a trusted advisor that has managed institutional and private wealth in many environments, good and bad, gives an investor a distinct advantage. We strive every day to be that advisor to our clients.

Joshua A. Rudd, President/Founder